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Country Code : +51
International Call Prefix : 00
Trunk Prefix : 0

Geographic numbers
Most area codes in Peru changed on 1 March 2003, providing an area code for region (national subdivision).

Peruvian area codes are two digits long except for Lima (area code 1).

Also on that date, '9' was prefixed to existing mobile numbers.

Mobile subscriber numbers are now eight digits in Lima* (+51 1 9xxx xxxx ) and seven digits elsewhere (+51 xx 9xx xxxx ).

For international calls use 00 prefix from fixed lines, and + prefix from mobiles.

For national long-distance calls use 0 prefix from any line.

Example calls
From Lima to USA:
* Fixed line: 00 1 ( phone number )
* Mobile: + 1 ( phone number )
From Lima to Cuzco:
* Fixed line/mobile: 0 84 ( phone number )
The new mobile numbers system
The mobile numbers changed from April 5, 2008 mainly because of the rapid increase in usage of the mobile internet in Peru. In the new numbering system all the mobile telephone numbers have nine digits (in the old system were used eight digits for Lima, and seven digits for the rest of regions). The changes are as follows.

In Lima : You have to prefix 9 to your old eight digit mobile number:

(1) yxxxxxxx becomes (1) 9 yxxxxxxx
In Arequipa, La Libertad, Lambayeque and Piura regions, you have to prefix the following digits to your old seven digit mobile number:
In Arequipa prefix 95 [(54) xxxxxxx becomes (54) 95 xxxxxxx]
In La Libertad prefix 94 [(44) xxxxxxx becomes (44) 94 xxxxxxx]
In Lambayeque prefix 97 [(74) xxxxxxx becomes (74) 97 xxxxxxx] and
In Piura prefix 96 [(73) xxxxxxx becomes (73) 96 xxxxxxx]
In the rest of the regions you have to change the 9 of your old seven digit mobile number into a three digit code (9 + regional code):
In Amazonas the (41) 9 xxxxxx changes for (41) 941 xxxxxx
In Ancash the (43) 9 xxxxxx changes for (43) 943 xxxxxx
In Apurimac the (83) 9 xxxxxx changes for (83) 983 xxxxxx
In Ayacucho the (66) 9 xxxxxx changes for (66) 966 xxxxxx
In Cajamarca the (76) 9 xxxxxx changes for (76) 976 xxxxxx
In Cusco the (84) 9 xxxxxx changes for (84) 984 xxxxxx
In Huancavelica the (67) 9 xxxxxx changes for (67) 967 xxxxxx
In Huánuco the (62) 9 xxxxxx changes for (62) 962 xxxxxx
In Ica the (56) 9 xxxxxx changes for (56) 956 xxxxxx
In Junín the (64) 9 xxxxxx changes for (64) 964 xxxxxx
In Loreto the (65) 9 xxxxxx changes for (65) 965 xxxxxx
In Madre de Dios the (82) 9 xxxxxx changes for (82) 982 xxxxxx
In Moquegua the (53) 9 xxxxxx changes for (53) 953 xxxxxx
In Pasco the (63) 9 xxxxxx changes for (63) 963 xxxxxx
In Puno the (51) 9 xxxxxx changes for (51) 951 xxxxxx
In San Martín the (42) 9 xxxxxx changes for (42) 942 xxxxxx
In Tacna the (52) 9 xxxxxx changes for (52) 952 xxxxxx
In Tumbes the (72) 9 xxxxxx changes for (72) 972 xxxxxx and
In Ucayali the (61) 9 xxxxxx changes for (61) 961 xxxxxx
Special numbers
103 is the telephone information number
105 is the Police Emergency Number
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